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Nets against pigeons

When pigeons decide to nest in your laundry area, on the roof right next to the gutter or window sill, you can feel well the troubles they bring: dirt, noise, droppings or lice and fleas. Many are looking for ways to keep pigeons away from the most humane ways. One of the most well-known methods is nets to remove pigeons, which are spread out in the desired area. The net indeed blocks the pigeon from landing in this area, but is it the best method that exists? Not necessarily...

The action of nets to remove pigeons

Nets to remove pigeons operate in a relatively simple way: spread them over the desired area and so the pigeon finds it difficult to reach the place where it planned to build the nest. It does sound simple yet however, in order for the network to be durable enough it has to be installed professionally. Professional installation makes nets to remove pigeons for more expensive removal measures than can be installed independently. Nets that are installed without soldering may, as stated, not be stable and at some point disengage. Although nets are a means that does not hurt the pigeon and does not harm it at all, but this fact has a disadvantage - pigeon does not see the entire area marked area and has no impediment to build the nest in the area adjacent to the network.

Each network has a frame

Networks to remove pigeons sound like simple means, but that is not exactly the case. First, there are different types of networks that differ in quality and price. If you are looking for truly durable networks that will last long term there are found ones that are protected from UV and from oxidation and as mentioned above the price increases. There is also a difference between nylon chains made of polyethylene and transparent colored nets. In order for the network to be stable, a frame must be installed. The appropriate framework must be found and installed in a professional manner. Installing the network requires climbing high altitude and professional equipment so things are not as simple as they seem at first.

Complex installation of a network or simple tape pasting?

Nets for the removal of pigeons are considered a recognized means of removal, but as mentioned above they have the problem of difficulty in installation and the need to install them in a professional manner in order to be durable over time. This is not the case with the new ion removal kit, called Shukteib, which is based on an electric shock that the pigeon gets when it lands on the surface from which you want to remove it. Unlike networks, this kit is very easy to install independently. It includes a transparent film with aluminum strips embedded in it and a power supply connected from one side to the tape and on the other side to an electrical outlet. Landing the pigeon on the film makes her feel uncomfortable and deter from the place. The film is very easy to paste, does not require any professional tools or abilities. As opposed to networks, is also almost invisible and does not impair the aesthetics of the place. The tests found that it does not harm the pigeon, but only deters it from returning to the place. There is no doubt that different methods of removal of pigeons is an excellent method that includes great efficiency, humanity, aesthetics and ease of installation.

Have you tried to install nets but these have flown with the pigeons in the wind? Looking for an efficient and convenient way to remove pigeons? Contact us.


bird control
bird control
bird control
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