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bird control

Electronic device to remove birds

Pigeons are friendly birds that have been seen for years as birds symbolizing peace or those in the service of humans as mailers. However, in the urban landscape of today, pigeons are not considered a blessing, but rather a nuisance and a plague that must be found how to distance it. Pigeons bring with them noise, dirt, diseases through their droppings and parasites coming from their feathers. Over the years methods have been invented to deal with them. Removing pigeons An electronic device is one of the methods people use nowadays. This method has several advantages but is this the most effective method for removing ions? Not necessarily...

How the devices work

Ion removal An electronic device is based on several types of instruments that are supposed to deter the dove in different ways. One of the electronic devices is a device which operates in the technology of sounds. These are sounds that the person can not hear and therefore do not interfere with the person who installs the device in his home. However, the sounds initially deter the dove, but after a short time she gets used to the sounds and sees them as part of the background noise of the environment. Therefore the device is effective for short term but not for long. Another electronic device is based on light. As soon as the device detects any movement in its vicinity, a light is supposed to be used to deter the pigeons. The tests found that the light deterred the pigeons even less than ultrasonic sounds and is not effective for their removal. Both types of devices are powered by battery or power. Although these devices do not harm pigeon at all but expensive, certainly expensive in relation to their effectiveness to achieve the goal.

Electronic Device or Adhesive Tape - What should I do?

When you search Google, removing pigeons from an electronic device you will probably get other products to remove pigeons. One of the newest and most talked about products is the pigeon Removal Kit called Shock tape. This kit causes the removal of pigeons with a light electric shock. The kit consists of a transparent adhesive tape with aluminum strips embedded inside. The tape is connected to a power supply and it is plugged in. When the pigeon lands on the tape, it closes the circuit and receives a light current that does not harm it but merely causes it discomfort and discourage it from returning to the place. In contrast to the electronic device, the duct tape distinguishes the ions for the long term and not only for the short term. The film can be pasted independently and easily. It is resistant to weather conditions and can stick to any bedding, whether it is a tiled roof, stone, marble or wood. This method combines long-term efficacy with humanity and non-harm to pigeon. Even if an electronic device seems initially more promising and sophisticated, tests performed on the ground show that sounds are not a sufficient deterrent to the pigeon and after initial recoil it is a practitioner, compared to the long-term effective adhesive tape. After experimentation, the pigeons see the area on which the film is glued as a marked area that is not recommended for them to return to. So this method is better and more efficient.

Have you tried a variety of instruments and pigeons have returned? Have you tested a variety of methods to remove pigeons that did not work? Contact us.


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bird control
bird control
bird control
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