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How To Get Rid Of Pigeons

A pigeon is a nice bird which is nice to see walking in the streets, parks and public parks and gathering seeds or crumbs. However, when she searches for a nesting place in your laundry, on the roof of the house or on the windowsill, it is less pleasant. Not only is the nesting of the dove close to your window unpleasant, it can cause quite a bit of damage. The nesting materials can clog the gutter, the pigeon's droppings carry bacteria and pests that can transmit diseases. It is also acidic and causes damage to metals. The pigeon's body serves as a house of lice, fleas or fleas that may move into your bedding ... all these have led to the search for methods to remove pigeons. Today there are a number of methods to remove pigeons, some more efficient and some less, some are more humane and some are harmful to the pigeon and therefore are almost no longer in use.

Cat, monster or pretty girl?

One of the humane methods that does not harm the pigeon, but only shows her that the area where she intended to settle is already occupied is laying scarecrow. This is a method for removing pigeons and birds in general, which is considered very ancient. However, it is not always effective. If you put a scarecrow in the shape of a man and will not move him at all, the pigeons, who are intelligent birds, will realize that this is work in the eye. A scarecrow in the form of a cat that is about to leap, a snake or an owl with penetrating eyes can frighten the dove, but in order to work for the long term it is worthwhile to change its location from time to time. However, this is already a small investment and maybe you should find another method ...

Spikes against pigeons

When looking for methods to remove pigeons, this is one of the familiar methods. This is a simple method that achieves the goal in part. The spikes cause the pigeon to ache when it lands on them and cause it to fly away. Although today there is an attempt to create less painful spikes made of soft metal but still a stab that is not pleasant. Another thing to consider with spikes is the aesthetic look. A network of spikes has a crude metallic appearance that gives a sense of prison and harms the aesthetics of the place. There is no doubt that a person who opens the window of the house and looks out does not want to see a network of spikes in front of his eyes. It's a very unpleasant feeling.

The film has a magic touch

Shock tape is a result of taking one of the methods to remove pigons that uses electric current, development and refinement so that the system is very effective for the long term and keep the pigeons permanently, but does not harm the pigeon but only causes slight discomfort and recoil. The system includes a transparent adhesive tape with two aluminum strips on it. The film connects to a power supply connected to an electrical outlet. When the dove lands on the film, the electric circuit is closed and a light current passes through the aluminum strips. So the dove feels the light current and hurries away. This method, unlike other methods like spikes or nets has a great advantage also aesthetically. The film is almost invisible and certainly does not create the unpleasant feeling created by metal grilles or spikes. The film is durable and long lasting and can be glued onto tiles, wood, metal, marble, stone and other infrastructure so that it can be used anywhere.

Looking for methods to get rid of pigeons? Do you make scarecrows or apply glue to the windowsill? Contact us


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bird control
bird control
bird control
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